For the time being, installations used to apply ABS edgebanding tape to laminated furniture boards in joinery industry, especially in small and medium sized joinery shops, are only suitable for applying edgebanding tape to materials wider than 6 – 7 cm. Of course, there are edge banding machines which are able to apply edgebanding tape to narrow workpieces, but only the largest factories can afford these machines due to their high costs amounting to several ten million forints (HUF 40 to 50 million), but these machines are prohibitively expensive for small and medium sized companies and microenterprises. Therefore at the moment workers in joinery shops can only apply edgebanding tape to work pieces equal to or wider than 6 – 7 cm by hand (ironing) or by gluing narrow workpieces and an additional piece of block-board. Both options are less than effective or craftsmanship. The labour requirement for applying edgebanding tape by hand through ironing is disproportionately high, and this way the quality produced by the edge banding machine cannot be achieved. Gluing to an additional piece or supplement is only a stopgap measure again, because the workpiece to be edgebanded frequently moves off and the ABS edgebanding tape is applied to the workpiece inaccurately by the machine. On account of the aforementioned inaccuracies a lot of manual rework is needed to correct edgebanding, not to mention that the resulting glue bond is not perfect which impairs durability of the finished workpiece. The current methods cannot meet capacity and quality requirements for small and medium sized joinery shops.

After analyzing the aforementioned problem we have come to the conclusion that for the edge banding machines used in small and medium sized furniture joinery shops a supplementary tool should be developed to resolve this problem in a satisfactory manner.

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